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Owned and operated by AKALIA  L.L.C. Since 2009. Certified By All Equipment Manufactures. Certified In Leak Detections. Certified In Water Treatment By Department Of Enviroment.


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About us

We are here to manage your Pool with experience.

About Poolinco USA Founded in 2010 by Al Alia, he has provided extensive pool service and repair expertise. As Houston pool experts, Al’s proficiency in pool service gives him over 16 years experience in the pool service industry. We are masters of everything pool!

Al has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in the technology industry. Prior to Starting Poolinco, Al was Chief Executive Officer of Digital Connect, Inc, started the company with $350 dollars and sold the company in 3 years for 2.2 Million Dollars. Previously, he served as Chief Translator Officer of the U.S. Intelligence Corp, a Gov Agency Contractor, where he led the agency to improve understanding other cultures’ behavior.

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Al Alia

Al Alia

CEO and Founder of Poolinco U.S.A.


Our Services

Luxury Pool Builder

We offer gorgeous custom new pool builds that will leave your family and guests speechless.


pool renovatione

From remodels to repairs, we will make your pool look better than new!


pool repair

When your pool equipment breaks down, we can repair or replace it as needed.


pool maintenance

We can do weekly or one-time maintenance and cleanings to keep your pool in great shape.



Pool Repaired


Pool Renovation


Maintenance Customers


Leaks Fixed



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What client's say?

Morgan Freeman


Poolinco is top notch. We have experienced nothing but exceptional service all across the board. We used their Pool School and their weekly service and truly have to say they are worth every penny. I highly recommend them.

Mercy Lucin


I loved my experienced with Poolinco Pools in Houston. The team does amazing work, with great attention to detail and just outstanding customer service. My questions were always answered and I am so happy with the final product. Highly recommend!


Why choose Poolinco?

We are the best and serve the best service.



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