Rachel Rivera
Property Manager
Austin Properties Inc.
945 Eldridge Rd. 77478


Inspection Report Date: 10/11/2021 Time 11:40Am


After Inspection To The Pool Located At 2306 Binley Dr. 77077 (HOA)
Below The Findings

1.Pool Plaster Etching and Scaling

This is caused by improperly balanced pool chemistry, particularly low pH, alkalinity, or calcium

2.Pool Plaster Spalling

if your plaster is over troweled or if the troweling is improperly timed, a thin layer of plaster (about one-eighth of an inch) can begin to flake and peel off. This can also occur as a result of adding too much water while troweling.

3.Pool Plaster Delamination

This happens when the plaster completely separates from the concrete underneath. Separation occurs when the bond between the plaster and the concrete is too weak and is typically a result of the surface being poorly prepared before the plaster is introduced.

4.Pool Plaster Fading

All swimming pools fade over time with persistent exposure to chlorine and sunlight. You’ll probably see a huge difference in your plaster’s color by the 8 to 12 year mark (unless you went with traditional white plaster). This Pool Was plastered less than 2 Years.


Based On What I saw today at this Pool, i blame the Company who plastered the pool and i blame the company who maintained the pool chemistry.


Al Alia





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